Task Killer app

The Task Killer app by Android Rock is a powerful yet effective app that helps improve your phone’s performance and extend its service life to the highest capacity. The app achieves this desired outcome by terminating active processes that are using up resources and energy in your device. The straightforward app can help users increase battery life, decrease CPU utilization, optimize the efficiency of their phone and ultimately improve phone performance. Since the app’s release in 2013 the app has gained significant in the app market and has been downloaded more than millions of times by users worldwide.

How the app works

Users can easily view and end active processes and tasks on their Android device with the lightweight software Task Killer. To free up resources, Task Killer lets users view which tasks are currently running on their phone and terminate or pause them one at a time. The software allows users to choose which jobs they want to terminate by displaying a list of all currently active tasks, including background processes. By releasing important memory and easing the pressure on the CPU, killing tasks can help the phone run better and increase performance in the long term.

Features of the app

There are many features and function of the Task Killer app which contributes in maintaining high performance and smooth operation processes in your phone.

Task management: The application lists all tasks that are currently active and enables users to selectively terminate them in order to release resources and enhance performance in your device.

Memory Management: Task Killer gives users the ability to view how much memory each task is using, making it simple to determine which ones are using the most resources.

CPU Use Monitoring: The program shows real-time CPU utilization data, enabling users to identify the tasks that are utilizing the most CPU and negatively impacting performance.

Auto Kill: Task Killer can be configured to automatically end tasks at predetermined times, keeping the phone operating efficiently.

Whitelist or Ignore list: Users can set a whitelist of applications that should never be destroyed, ensuring that crucial programs are always easily available when needed.


The Task Killer app will deliver many usful benefits to users. Users can increase their phone’s performance, increase battery life, and decrease CPU utilization by selectively shutting off running tasks. This may result in a phone that is quicker and more capable of handling numerous tasks and operations.

The Tash Killer app is an effective and efficient application that helps optimize device’s performance and enhance service life by locating and terminating background jobs and processes that use excessive amounts of CPU and memory. Task Killer is a great software for anyone who want to increase the efficiency of their device, conserve battery life, and improve the user experience overall because of its straightforward technology installed and practical functionality. Simply download it from available platforms and install it in your device to see clear results.

Download Task Killer App

This task killer app available on Google play store. You can use Play Store application install this app for free. Use alternative tool if you want other features like junk cleaning, notification block and app management to optimize your Android phone. Installing many tools for same to optimize Android phone may actually loose performance and storage space. Use one tool for all like Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc.

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