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Everybody does have a camera application on their smart phone. However, the features of this default camera application are very limited. All you can do is just take pictures, selfies, panoramas, and videos. Of course that the people who use quality smart phones do have many features, but what about the uses with ordinary, low quality smart phones. Today I’m gonna introduce you to a smart camera application that will support every smart phone from common to high quality. This is, ‘Simple Camera App.’ So, let’s get started.

What is a Simple Camera App, and what does it do?

Simple Camera App is a camera application that you can download and install to your mobile phone or tablet except for your default camera application. This app bears a wide range of features that the default camera doesn’t have. The app is quite handy since it can be used for both photos capturing and video recording purposes. Along with those common features, Simple Camera also includes photo framing, collage making, and aesthetic photo editing. The helpful settings will lead you to capture the best moments in the best way. Likewise, you can use this simple app to make the day-today shots a bit-perfect than before. With Simple Camera, you would never miss an important moment in your life! Trust Me on that!

Features of Simple Camera

Simple Camera Application holds a wide range of features which is beneficial when you capture moments. The importance of this app is that these features cannot be seen in your default camera application. Well, let’s get to know the camera features. C’mon!

  • Except for the features in common, Simple Camera bears a photo frame feature, an Aesthetic photo editor, and a collage maker. You can add frames to your photos, edit them, and put them into college as well.
  • You can switch between the front and rear camera at lightning speed and adjust the resolutions as well.
  • The flashlight of the camera can be turned on and off when it is necessary, and you can also use this flashlight as a common phone flasher.
  • Pinching the screen will lead you to zoom your pictures while taking and as well as when capturing portraits.
  • The object remover is another important feature, and most camera applications fail to put up with it. Simple camera app proudly presents this feature to its users where they can remove disturbing objects from their picture or selfie.
  • Face Swap is for fun type individuals. You can use this face swap feature to take fun photos with funny faces with your friends, family, and loved ones.
  • The adjustments such as Output resolution, aspect ratio, and quality can be adjusted as per your need using a couple of taps. These adjustments can be applied to both photos and videos. After adjusting, you can add frames to your photos and videos to make them look stunning.
  • The photos and videos will be saved in your gallery with the title ‘Simple Camera.’
  • In order to launch Simple Camera, you should disable your default camera app. You can do it using phone settings. 

Settings > Apps > Camera > Disable

Download Simple Android Camera app for free

Using this Simple Camera is simple as that. You can use the volume buttons to capture and as well as to turn on the flashlight. This app supports both internal storage and SD Cards, so you can customize and decide where you want the photos to be saved. The app will consume a low amount of internet, and this leads to keep your privacy and security to an extent. Well, why don’t you just click the install button and take a look at it?

You can download this simple camera app using play store. Open play store and search this app name. If not click below link using your Android phone to open play store download link.

Download via play store

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