Open Camera app for Android

Name:Open Camera for Android
Requirements:4.0.3 and up
Current version:v1.48.3
Last updated:21 July, 2021

Open camera is a free application available on all free app stores. If your Android device has Google play service use Google play store to install this application. Open Play Store and search this app to install. If not click below link.

If you are unable to install this camera apk using play store you can use third-party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide.

Sometimes camera is the most important feature of our Android. Because wherever we go now, we all like to keep some memories with us. Sometimes memories of the places we visit and sometimes with our loved ones. Moreover, we love to share these images in social media also. We like these photos to be very beautiful and nice. Therefore, we are using filters and various effects before capturing the photo. Or we edit our photos before posting. But now with the nice camera app Open Camera without using any filters or affects you can capture a super quality, attractive photo.

What is Open Camera?

This is the google camera that you should have in your Androids if you want to capture your moments in realistic nature. This is with almost all the features that you expect from an advanced camera. You can relish many more features than your default Android camera sometimes.

Here are some of the hearts catching features of the Open Camera App

The photos of the app are really nice and it looks like a photo taken from iOS phone. This gives small number of filters and other special effects. But you can surely capture the expected image.

This app is very small in size. Therefore, no need of much space for you to own this app. Also, the app is completely free. You can download this from any app store (Google Play Store. Aptoide, AC Market etc.)

The auto-level option of the camera certainly captures the best photo and the video. Each and every feature you need in a camera is included here.

The timer option in the app helps you to capture the best picture at the needed time. You also can command the app to take the photo by using a voice command.

You can add time, date as well as your location to the photo or the video very easily. This enables you to keep in touch with all your memorable times in an order or helps a lot in recalling your past well.

There are zoom options, touch focus, iso, timer and so on like features for your convenience.

Finally, again I would like to say that this Open Camera is a fantastic camera app to replace your default Android camera. This is very easy and free too.

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