Mi Camera – Xiaomi Mi 12 Camera App

Mi 12 is the flagship phone released by Xiaomi. It has the best Camera system and camera app with all the features. You cannot install original camera apk, because it is designed only for Mi 12 phone. Use safe version instead of finding modified unsafe versions on the internet. Those modified camera apps require hard to follow procedures to install. You can use MiX Camera which has same style and features as the original Mi 12 Camera App.

Have you ever longed for the perfect camera? Photography is an art of how you see the world. It helps one delve into a world of beauty that you might fail to see with your naked eye. Relive your moments and memories made, cherishing them for a lifetime.

It is the only way possible to teleport themselves into the past and live there just for one more time. Moments and people fade, change, and even become intangible. But the photographs you take will live with you forever until your very last breath and that is the beauty of photography. There are many great quotes about photography and my favorite is, ‘You don’t take photos, you create them’. This speaks volumes as a photograph not only contains that moment but also the creativity of the person behind the camera. All new MiX Camera will ensure to provide you with all the best features for your mesmerizing photographs. The app is inspired by the Mi 12 Camera having all of its camera features and many more newly added cool features.

Features of Mi 12 Camera App

You can choose if you want a cool photo or selfie or even a professional photo clicked by your favorite app. Create your cool selfies by using all the cute and exciting filters, AR stickers and emoji stickers for some extra sass.

Make yourself look like your favorite celebrities by its beatifying features and also get that flawless skin you have always wanted. So, now you can post all your mesmerising selfies on social media and show off the exceptional features of MiX Camera that will ensure all your viewers to be jaw dropped!

The app also comprises of many professional features such as, 4K and ultra HD mode for excellent quality, ISO, White balance, Scene modes, Exposure compensation adjustment and also silent mode to help you stay lowkey while capturing all those perfectly beautiful sceneries and moments.

The camera also includes an all in one photo editor. It helps to save your time and effort from needing to get another app for all your editing needs. The editor includes a range of filters to choose from and also make necessary adjustments such as, contrast, saturation, and many more to your photos to make them look exactly like you wanted them to.

You can also doodle on your photos while adding tags. So you can note down all those important points you want. You can also choose which format you want to save your photos. So you can post or save them anywhere at anytime with no hassle whatsoever for absolutely free with MiX Camera! 

Download Mi 12 Android Camera App

This is a free Android Camera app available on Google Play Store. It has in-app purchases for extra features. In order to download and install this Xiaomi Camera app on your Android phone follow below mention procedure. Since all Mi Phones has Play Store you can use Play Store.

Mi Camera APK
  1. Open Play Store application.
  2. Go to search bar and type ” MiX”.
  3. You will see this camera application appear on search results.
  4. Select and install it for free.

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