Google Camera

Well, when it comes to Camera Apps, we all love to take snaps. So, Google has introduced you to a high quality camera app that you can install and take beautiful pictures. Along with snapshots, Google has provided many features that fulfill the different needs of the users. The Google Camera is also called the Pixel Camera. This Camera Phone Application has been developed by the Google Company for Android Users.

Google was developing this Camera Application in 2011, and it was initially released in 2014. However, the stable release has happened on the 17th of March 2021. The original authors of this mobile application are X Development LLC. Google Camera only supports the Android Operating System, and this application comes under the category of Camera.

Features of Google Camera APK

  • Google Camera App provides you HDR+ option along with dual exposure controls. You can take pictures using the HDR+ option in order to snap the best pictures, especially in dark places and as well as backlit scenes.
  • The Night Sight Option is another amazing option that Google Camera brings to light. You can take snaps in low light places without turning on your flashlight. This option brings out all the perfect details and colors of your pictures.
  • Yet another cool yet important feature is the Super Res Zoom feature. This feature is the coolest one when you zoom your picture to the last. It will still look sharp even you have zoomed it to the end. It won’t be blurred.
  • The Top Shot moment makes you snap the perfect shot of all. This Top Shot automatically shots when the perfect time appears to snap.
  • The Portrait Mode is another super feature. The background of the picture will automatically blur and pop the object. The shots with Portrait Mode look as same as DSLR Camera Photos.
  • Besides, you can take Long Shots such as quick videos by pressing the snap button a little bit longer. You can also long press the shutter key and take long shots.

Note: The Google Camera App only supports Android Devices, which runs around version 11. So, before installing the application, make sure that your device is Android, and the version is Android 11. In addition, some features are not available on some devices.


Never ever miss a single moment with Google Camera. Now you have a high quality smart cam to take amazing pictures on your own. Capture the most memorable moments with your friends, family, and loved ones. Capture the moment!

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