It is not hard to install third party camera app to replace your stock camera application. There are many guide to install fully working camera app on your Android phone and Android tablet. Below describe the best and easiest way to download Android Camera APK. Follow below mention procedure.

Android Camera

How to install Android Camera App

Below shows how to install Android Camera application without using Google Play Store. Feel free to leave a comment if you are unable to install and use this application.

First Download and install AC Market.

Open AC Market app and go to search. Then type “Android Camera”. You will see camera application on search results like below picture. Select it.

Search Android Camera

Now click on “Download” button to begin download process.

Download Android Camera

You will be automatically redirect to installation once download completed. Click on “Install” once installation screen loaded. Then click on “Open” to open Android Camera application.

Now this camera application will ask for permissions to record video and take photos. Click “Allow”.

Take pictures and Video

After allowing permission to capture videos and recordings, it require permissions to store them. Click “Allow”.

Allow to store photos and videos

If you want to record a video, it require to access microphone for audio recording. If it ask for permissions make sure to allow access.

Record Audio

Alternative Solutions

Are you satisfied with the default camera app of your Android mobile? If not here is a wonderful replacer for your default camera.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera

Take beautiful selfies and use free photo editor comes with this camera app to edit photos as you want. Comes with tons of beautifying filters and support salient mode photos.


B612 Camera APK

One of the best beauty camera app. If you does not like raw images and want images which are beautiful, then B612 is your choice. Contain many filters and effects make you and photos you taken beautiful.

Open Camera

Open Camera

If you accidently uninstalled your default camera app and want to install simple camera app that simply work. Then Open Camera is your choice.

Sometimes the default camera app of our Android will not give the preferred photo clip. Sometimes it may not seem very clear or the quality of the snap may not be up to standard. When we are not happy with the original camera, we would like to install new camera apps in our Android. There are hundreds of different camera apps that you can download to replace your original. But among them Google Camera App lies at the top.

This Camera app is free and you can download it easily from your app store including Google Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide app stores.

Features of the Camera app that you may love

We all prefer a camera which catches the pictures even at night. Most of the time with our original, cameras we are not able to catch the pictures or videos in night. We sometimes may look like a ghost when we capture a photo at night. But for your pleasure I would like to say that with the help of the Google Camera App you can take clear and quality photos even at the night time. You may able to see the colors and the other details very clearly just same as under the daylight.

Moreover, you can capture nice photos even under low light conditions due to the HDR feature available there.

The top shot feature of the camera is definitely allowing you to have the best shot. The app automatically recommends the best time to take the snap. That is when every one is looking fine with the photograph without eye blinking and so on. This surely helps you to capture the picture exactly the same way you want it.

There is another feature called the Super Res Zoom which allow you to zoom your photo without any quality loss. The picture will not become blur with zoom with this feature.

Not only the quality and fantastic snaps your can also own quality videos with the use of the Google Camera App.

So, hurry and download this nice camera app in your Android too. Experience new level of capturing photos and videos.

If you face any difficulty with your Android when you are using this app you can simply download Clean Master APK from your App Store to ensure the smooth functioning of the Android.

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