Candy Camera

Name:Candy Cam
Last Updated:26 July, 2021
Category:Camera APK
Requirements:Android 4.1 and up
Candy Camera

Selfies!!! Now a days we all like to take selfies at all times possible mostly to post them on our social media networks. We crave a good selfie camera app that gives great selfies at all time. There is one such nice selfie camera app you can have. That is Candy Camera. The Candy Camera is popular in the Android App market as one of the best selfie app. So, worthy to try it on your Android too. Satisfy your hunger for attractive selfies using this amazing camera app.

About Candy Camera

To carry on with I can say that the Candy Camera app is the wonderful camera app that you should have on your androids. Take it anywhere you go and capture incredible selfies and photos at anytime you want. Also, this lets you to edit your photo as to your hearts content. The app is free and you can download it easily from your preferred app store (Google Play Store, Aptoide, AC Market etc.).

If you ever wanted to capture real time selfies then this is the best app to own. The app is now becoming very popular only due to its unbelievable ability to capture high-quality images and its fascinating features. This is a silent camera app letting you to capture your images silently in both front and the rare camera modes.

Features of Candy Camera

Awesome Filters

There are tons of filters offering by the app. Each filter surely lets you to capture the best photo you could. All these are real-time filters. Allow you to apply when taking the image and you can see the photo/selfie preview also. Swipe left and right and choose the best filter for your mood and the location. No matter what filter you select still all the selfies and images are very impressive.

Wonderful editing

The app Candy Camera lets you to edit your photos and selfies in a delightful manner. In here you can use beauty editing tools and also body editing mode.

Beauty editing tools supports you in several beauty functions. Give a natural beauty look for your photo using these impressive editing tools. Some of the editing can be named as: removing your blemishes, skin whitening, skin softening, making your nose smaller, making your photo smiling, removing dark circles, making your eyes bigger and some other options like facelift, liquify, and auto beauty effects.

The body editing tools lets you in shaping your body as you wish. These includes: slimmer waist, fuller hips, longer legs, male abs, female abs, pecs, tanning and beyond.

You can also use diverse stickers and collage options included in the app in editing process to have a cute and a lovely look. Use these nice options in expressing your love and share them with your loved ones easily. Use all these effects and make your image a shocking one.

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