Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Android Camera App

Camera MX is another wonderful replacer for your default Android camera. It offers all most all the features that you expect from a camera. This allows you to capture photos and also to edit them in a very attractive manner.

Camera MX offers almost all the features that a camera should own. You can capture fantastic photos and videos through this camera. There is no any doubt about that. Unlike some of your native Android cameras the photos taken by this camera app is more realistic and beautiful with superb quality and color combinations.

The photographs and the videos capturing by this cool camera app are with super-quality. They all are HDR quality ones. Don’t hesitate to post your beautiful picture in social media. All will look pretty and nice.

Some key features of the app

As other cameras this also contains front and rare cameras both. By pinching the screen, you can zoom out or in as well as can change the flasher actions too.

Moreover, the app allows you to add the current location also for your photograph for precise and orderly saving.

In addition, there are more advanced features like having grid lines, timer to capture delayed photos, changing the exposure and so on. The grid lines will help to have a better focus and also a composition.

When you are recording a video through the app you can pause it anytime and can add video cuts to the needed places. Also, this allows time-lapse video recording. While recording your videos you can add some filters and effects also. As well if you want, you can change them while recording itself.

If you love to capture live photos you can do so also via this Camera MX. Feel your movement lively just like a video clip. Add more power to your photo through this nice option.

This is full of filters and effects to make your photo and the video stunning. All these filers are handpicked ones. Therefore, they are very beautiful and the users love them very much.

To name a few such filters Mirror effect, Pencil sketch effect, little planet, color splash effects and beyond.

The other outstanding feature related to the app is “past shoot”. This means you can take some photographs prior to actual photo you are going to shoot. This captures photographs which are few milliseconds prior.  You can select the best photo to keep with you from the collection.

If you want to edit the photo to make it lovelier then you can do with this Camera MX. Can add filters, can adjust lights, brightness and so on via this app. If you are looking for a camera replacer for your native android camera this is also worthy to try.

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