Android Camera open with Shortcuts – Camera Launcher

Camera. This is a fantastic app we all uses on our Androids. We all like to capture our memorable moments. Now it has become very easier thanks to the camera apps. There are tons of different camera apps you can choose for your Android. let you to capture any moment or any thing you wish with these high-quality powerful camera apps. Today through this post I am going to discuss about one of the exceptional apps that surely permit you to capture your incredible images in a super easy way. That is the app Camera Launcher.

What is Camera Launcher?

This is a nice platform which lets you to open your camera in a super easy way by only swiping the home screen. You can swipe anywhere on the home screen or you can hold down the home button to open the camera app. Accessing the app is very easy making it extremely comfortable to capture your images. Most of the app users find it as quite a useful app as it let us to open the camera within few seconds. No need to roam here and there to find your camera app. Just swipe on the home scree. Then all are done. Camera is opened and capture your best photo now.

Features of Camera Launcher

The app Camera Launcher is completely free package. You can download the app easily from your loved app store very simply just following only few quick steps. Can have this for any Android device as well as on your personal computer as well.

This is compatible with the devices having physical home buttons as well. The only thing you have to do is to holding down or double pressing the home button. Then your work will be done. Super easy and simple.

When we focus about the picture quality of the app, it is amazing. Indeed, the pictures are of prime and professional quality.

This does not support many editing functions. But definitely you can capture nice and gorgeous images without applying filters or effects.

Not only pictures it is best for capturing some short videos as well. I am pretty sure that you will love this Camera Launcher a lot once you get used to the app. Very minimalistic in design but acts nicely when capturing your snaps. So, it is time to try this cool app, Camera Launcher on your Android too.

Popular Android Camera Apps

There are many free Android camera apps that can replace your stock camera app for better photos and filters. Most stock camera applications does not has funny stickers, live stickers, AR stickers and many more. Many people like to post photos of them if those are nice and awesome to watch. Camera apps like B612 and Candy camera has automatic beautifying features and filters that applying while taking the photo.

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