Better Camera APK

Want to replace your default camera with a powerful camera app? Then you must read this post. One of the powerful camera apps that you must try if you want to enjoy high-quality beautiful images and videos right on your mobile. A Better Camera. This is the best Android Camera for your mobile.

About A Better Camera

There are hundreds of Camera apps you can choose for your Android. But A Better Camera app is one that lies at the top of all the other camera apps. This surely enables you to click fantastic images. We all like to post wonderfully looking images on our social media profiles. A Better Camera is a perfect camera for that purpose. So, download A Better Camera now on your Android.

The app is free. This is available there on any app store including Google Play Store and AC Market. The interface is armed with most needed app icons and the app is very easy to understand and use.

Features of A Better Camera Apk

The app is surely bundled with many interesting features. Here are some of them.

The camera is armed with various modes to select from. Some of these modes includes: distinctive single shot mode, night mode, pre-shot mode, burst mode, HDR mode and beyond. Select the best mode according to your requirement.

The HDR feature lets you to capture high-quality professional clicks with rich color balance. No need to select the best out of a lot to post on your social media. All the images and the videos will be with wonderful quality.

This also allows you to capture images in panorama mode. This can capture images up to 360 degrees to 100 MPix.

Use the timer inside the app and set the timer to count the best second you want to capture your snap.

Multi-shot feature enables you to capture first-class group portraits. Also, you can capture sequence shots and as well lets you to remove unwanted objects from your snap making it more splendid.

Pre-shot attribute lets you to capture images before tapping the capture button. Helps to take the best shot ever.

Menu option helps you to customize the image in a nice way you want. This lets you to adjust exposure compensation, white balance, color corrections, and so on. You can easily choose the best combination before capturing your image or the video.

Some of the other interesting features regarding the app includes:

  • Video and photo time lapse
  • Burst
  • Expo-bracketing
  • Diverse types of focusing options

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