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‘A selfie a day keeps the doctor away’. With the development of technology, social media platforms have grown more than ever. And people have started posting way more selfies than ever. Always wanted to click one of those exceptional and mesmerizing selfies like your favorite influencers or instagrammers? What if I tell you, you can? There’s numerous benefits you would never even imagine that exists to looking good on all your selfies.

A study has proven that selfies have depicted the ability to affect ones social and psychological wellbeing. Furthermore, it also stated that different types of pictures and selfies have influenced ones moods in different ways. For example, looking your best on a picture has showed significant increase in levels of confidence and self-esteem. Posting your selfies on social media attracts a lot of positive feedback which in turn helps maintain mental sanity and wellbeing of one. Android’s Bestie Camera has been introduced as the best selfie camera pf the year and just like the name suggests, I bet it will become your best friend for life. So, buckle up for the amazing features it has in store for you!

Bestie Camera360 Selfie App

The app comprises of real time skin beautifying effects that help you attain the flawless skin you always wanted to have. Embracing what you already are and possess is indeed the first step to self-love. But it is always okay to want to look better for yourself and bestie camera will always be by your side providing the best features for you. It removes flaws and blemishes off your face and provides a smooth and radiant look according to your preference. It also consists of a range of filters for all your stunning portraits to choose from. And that’s not it. Bestie Camera also includes animated stickers unlike any other camera app that allows you to choose exciting accessories to have an absolute makeover with headdresses, tiaras, and a range of other ornaments available on the app. And if you are a fan of cosplay, this app will sure make your day with their range of cute characters you can try on!

It’s your turn to take over social media just like your favorite celebrities with your exciting and super creative selfies with the help of your bestie camera. The app is also extremely intelligent and consist of an intelligent beauty editor for all your photos that ensures auto correction of color and facial retouches such as blemish removal, slim face and also allows brightening or change of eye color. If you haven’t already got your hands on the Bestie app and made it your best friend, I suggest you hurry and get clicking those scintillating selfies all day!

Download Bestie Camera

You can easily download this app directly from Play Store. Therefore do not use alternative websites on internet to download apk file. Click below link using your Android phone to open play store download link.

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