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Last Updated:21 July, 2021
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Taking selfies. This is now has become a sweet trend. All most all of us love to take incredible selfies and of course to share them on our social network. We always looking for an amazing photography app to click incredible selfies and photos. So, now there is a best choice. If you are a selfie lover then you must try this nice camera app. Once you get the hand on this camera app B612 Android Camera App I am sure you will never be going to move on to another camera app. Because this surely lets you to capture eye-catching images. Never going to miss memories of any lovable moments if you have this. Capture gorgeous selfies, images and videos using the app B612 Android Camera App.

Why you should have B612 Android Camera App with you?

Over 300million worldwide downloads proves that it is one of the best camera apps you should try. The huge popularity of the app is mostly due to its interesting features. Among many features filters lies at the top. This camera app offers you vast variety of filters. All the filters definitely let you to capture unique photos. You may certainly confuse when selecting a filter, because all the filters are very unique and beautiful.

The app is completely free. you can download the app very easily from Google Play Store, AC Market or Aptoide app stores. You may find the navigations bit difficult and complex. But once you get used to the app you will find it very easy to follow the app.

Features of this Camera APK

Amazing filters

This is a feature that most of the users love most. This offers around 50 amazing filters. You can shift between the fitters by swiping your finger along the bottom of the Android. the preview of the filter makes it very easier to select the best filter for you. the filters allow you to make your photo an incredible one. You can remove blemishes, pimples marks, etc. of your skin by applying some filters. Moreover, if you want to make your dinner table look more colorful and nicer there are filters for that purpose too. Hence friends select the best filter as you desire and make your photo a nicer one.

In addition to its filters, you also can create your own filters. You can create wonderful filters to your hearts content thanks to this app. So, try your creativity here.

Editing your images and videos

In addition to capturing amazing images this lets you to edit your images and videos in a way you want them to be. The app offers all the basic photo editing tools.  With the help of the portrait editing features of the app you can edit your hairstyle, body color, make up, hair color, etc. Edit your images and videos simply using all the pleasant features and post them on your social media. Can have millions of views indeed.

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