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Google camera for all devices. Nope. If you want to install this Camera on any Android system and expect to work far better than official one, it is a bit tricky one. Because officially Google Camera app available for pixel devices. Even thought you have Google Play Store it even not displaying this camera app if you doesn’t have pixel phone.

Cynogenmod offers GCam in other words Google Camera app for all devices. In order to install GCam you may need a custom recovery like TWRP , RWRP. After that you have to enable HAL3. If you have already install any custom recovery search GCam on google and follow installation procedure on cyanogenmods.org website.

So how do we install this pixel Camera app on other phones. Below listed some major and popular Android phones. Pixel Camera app was modified to work on those devices and tested. Some time your device may work. It’s up to you.

Features of Google Camera App

HDR+ – HDR plus or HDR+ helps to take brighter and color full photos that stand out better with normal photos. This HDR+ and dual exposer controls helps to take better low light and night photos.

Night sight – Using flash on night time does not give better photos. Night sight feature helps to add best details and colors in night. Take awesome non blurry night photos with ease.

Super Res Zoom – Most camera apps loose quality and become blurry when you zoom. Super Res Zoom feature helps to keep image more accurate and non blurry when you zoom.

Top Shot – Taking a perfect photo of your friends, parents or people is not easy. Because some may looked away or blink. Top shot helps to take perfect photo where no one is blinking and everything is all right.

Portrait photos – Only newer and flagship models can take good portrait photos. Many Android phones are not able to take nicer and good looking portrait photos. Can take nice portrait photos by adding elegant background blur to your photos.

Long Shot – This feature become common on many camera apps. Long pressing the shutter button or icon allows you to take quick short video.

Pixel Camera

Pixel Camera is the Google Pixel Camera app. When Google pixel first launches it became the most popular and best camera passing iPhones too. Most of the processing and color adjustments are not done using hardware. Having a common sensor like other phones, Google pixel was able to take excellent photos using the software. Therefore many try to install Google Pixel Camera app on their Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, MI, Oppo and etc. However official Google pixel camera app only available for Google phones.

You will be able to find modified version of Pixel camera app from XDA developers site. But all the features of that camera app may not work perfectly and not able to good photos as your default camera app. If you does not like default camera app you can try using other alternatives like Better camera, B612 and open camera. Those have better and awesome filters, stickers and many more for free.

Download your Best Camera APK

You can install modified version of Pixel camera app on Samsung phones, Asus phones, Essential phones, Google phones, HTC phones, Huawei phones, LeEco phones, Lenovo Phones, LG phones, Motorola phones, Nextbit phones, Nokia phones, OnePlus Phones, Realme phones, Razer phones, Sony phones, Xiaomi Phones and etc. However it may require little bit of expertise. If you like click here to download Pixel Camera app from XDA developers site. If not, you can try Pixel Camera alternatives app that work better than the modified version of Gcam.


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